Need a German translator for your game? Get in touch!

Hi there! My name is Thomas Faust and I’ve been translating videogames from English to German for more than a decade. By now, I have worked on 70+ games, here are some of them:

translations 2022_small

If you have something in need of localization, I’m happy to help. I always deliver on time and make sure that the localized texts are correctly implemented into the game. Translating a game is only half the battle. Playtesting and ensuring that everything works like it is supposed to would be the other half, and I’ll gladly help you with that as well.

If you have general questions about localization or need recommendations for freelance translators for other languages, do get in touch!¬†I love games, and I’m good at my job because I care about this stuff. And you should care about it, too. Let’s talk.