Hi there! My name is Thomas Faust and I’ve been translating videogames from English to German for a few years now. Apart from indie games, I do the odd QA job and have also worked on app store descriptions, app UI, press releases, and movie subtitles. I have a fancy MA and more than four years of experience working with indie devs.

Let me translate your game!

If you have something in need of localization, just get in touch. I’m sure we’ll find an agreeable rate that suits us both. I always deliver on time and, as an added bonus, make sure that the localized texts are correctly implemented into the game. Translating a game or app is only half the battle. Playtesting and ensuring that everything works like it’s supposed to would be the other half, and I’ll gladly help you with that as well.

If you’re an indie dev with a small budget – trust me, I understand. Translation might be worth the extra investment, though.

I love games. I enjoy putting my talents to good use, and I dislike playing botched translations and lazy, phoned-in work. I care about this stuff. And you should care about it, too. Let’s talk.